Lovina Thadani

[Founder-Claimpower Inc ®][New Jersey]

35 years of experience in healthcare administration Strong understanding of medical billing and coding regulations and procedures Experienced in managing and developing workflows for effective revenue cycle management. Founded a medical billing company that provides billing and coding services to healthcare providers. Successfully expanded the business to serve multiple specialties, including cardiology and neurology. Believes in the importance of accurate and timely medical billing to ensure healthcare providers receive. the revenue they deserve. Wishes to expand this medical billing company's services to more healthcare providers.

Rohan Thadani

[Founder-Claimpower India Pvt Ltd][Navi Mumbai]

A visionary leader with innovative ideas Expert in medical billing and coding regulations, including ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes. Competent in revenue cycle management, with a track record of increasing revenue whilst also decreasing denials. Expertise about electronic health records and medical billing software Understands the importance of financial stability for healthcare organisations and is committed to offering excellent medical billing services. Interested in using technology to improve patient outcomes and streamline revenue cycle processes. Wants to expand his medical billing company and its services to more healthcare providers. Plans to stay ahead of industry trends and use data analytics to provide clients with customizable revenue cycle solutions.

Philip Fernandes

(CEO) Chief executive officer

Philip Fernandes, CIPL (CEO) is in charge of the company's global operations. He brings over 25 years of experience to CIPL, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit and a specialisation in delivering solutions in critical, complex, and collaborative environments. He articulates a sense of purpose, sees the future, and leads the company to greater success. Philip will also be responsible for business operations, global service delivery, business excellence, and the implementation of technology-driven services and solutions at CIPL.

Suresh Mourya

[CIO]- Chief Information Officer

CIPL's- (Chief Information Officer), Suresh Mourya, is in responsible of developing and implementing the corporate IT strategy. He joins CIPL with 28 years of experience. He combines system integration with IT architecture. He is responsible for managing the IT team and setting departmental goal, and keeping up of current IT trends and new technologies. Establishing and carrying out IT best practices throughout the company; outlining to the board of directors and other executives the advantages and dangers of new IT-related projects.

Prabhakar Pawar

[CTO]-Chief Technology Officer

Over 17 years with CIPL. Prabhakar is a chief company executive in charge of technological and scientific development projects. He is in charge of monitoring and evaluating new technologies, as well as strategic innovation, technology and business growth, and internal coordination.

Rohit Deobansi

(VP-Client Service)

Faisal Khan

(VP-Client Service)

Sameer Khan

VP-Training & Research

Sharmila Vinod

VP- Project & Analysis

Asif Nazir


Mubina Khan


Rajeshwari Mahesh


Surbhi Bhosle

Manager-Client Relations

Manju Naidu

Manager-Client Relations

Sachin Gurav

IC - Ageing

Munnawar Qureshi

EMR- Manager

Inas Fernandes

AVP- Relationship Manager & Team coach

Ansari Nizam

Relationship Manager

Richard Fernandes

Relationship Manager

Mohammed Reza Mirza

Relationship Manager

Shubhankar Patil

Relationship Manager

Imran Shaikh

Team Lead - Credentialing

Yogesh Karkera

Insurance- Credentialing Specialist

Nisha Vasudev


Heading HR: Nisha Vasudev, leading HR initiatives&strategy to create a thriving workplace.